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Merry Christmas from ViewQwest!

Merry Christmas everyone!! Greetings from Taipei!

Christmas is undoubtedly one of my favorite occasion of the year. Not only do they have pretty festive lights up all over Singapore, it is also about reconnecting with your loved ones. Singaporeans are always so busy with work, so they tend to not have enough time to catch-up with their family and friends. Especially students like me, who have to juggle both school and work at the same time….. We barely have time to stay at home and spend time¬†with our family.

I remember there was this one Christmas I went to Europe with my aunt to be her translator, and I had to leave my parents alone in Singapore. I ended up Skyping them almost everywhere I go as long as I had spare time because I got so homesick. I’ve never been the kind of girl that sticks to my parents alot…. but Europe is filled with Christmas markets and the festive aura made me feel really really sad not being able to be with my parents on Christmas.

Beautiful Christmas markets in Europe <3<3<3
Beautiful Christmas markets in Europe <3<3<3

So I taught my mom how to Skype, and I Skype-d her almost everywhere I go, sharing the views through Skype. I remembered no matter how terrible the connection was on my side, I kept retrying until I manage to get connected. This makes me feel extremely thankful for the 1Gbps Fibernet I have right now back at home. Ensuring smooth streaming, and video calls without any fears of interruption or lag!

So I am really glad I have this opportunity to spend Christmas with my family overseas this year! At least this assures that we are totally away from work, and we could spend quality time together!

And of course, how can we forget about Christmas feast! I’ve been watching Food Network on my ViewQwest 4k Media Player so much I swear I can open a restaurant already, hahaha! I’m just kidding! I really do learnt quite a bit of recipes from the website though! I did add a little tinge of Singaporean flavor¬†to it by changing my pasta into maggie mee…….. Alright, that is actually quite an unfortunate event because my pack of fussili suddenly had beetles in it, so I had to replace my pasta with maggie mee in the nick of time…. :(

Looking pretty yummy
Looking pretty yummy

Alright, that’s all for today. Have a great Christmas all of you!!


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