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CouchPotato’s tips for easy surfing!

Hey guys!

Following up the previous post on how to fully utilize your fiber broadband, I am here to add on a few tips where you can get better internet at home!

Apart from changing your phone points to LAN points, there are also plenty of ways you can try out to achieve better internet connection and coverage. Here are just a few tips I use to make sure I don’t lag out in between my gaming sessions!

1. Find the perfect spot.

The location of your router plays a huge part in getting the best connection wherever you are in your apartment.

NOT a perfect spot

Okay, the router might not exactly look very pretty…. I can understand why you want to hide it behind your closet. But by hiding them up, the Wifi signal will be disrupted!

To ensure a smooth connection at all times, it is best to place your router at a spot without anything blocking it.

Also, the best height to place the router is between your shoulder and waist! Avoid placing your router next to a thick wall. Stone, metal and concrete can all disrupt your WiFi signal, resulting in bad connection.



2. Get rid of any obstructions.

Like the first point mentioned, always make sure you are not hiding your router!

Keep your cordless phones, wireless devices (smartphones and tablets) and microwaves far far away.

Otherwise your router will pick up third party signal causing router interruptions.


Please don’t do any of the above!

Cordless phones and microwaves in particular, will affect your router’s signal if they are positioned nearby. So avoid permanently placing these devices or appliances within 1 metre of the router to avoid any signal complications!

3. Of course, a good router.

How can we forget about this. A good router is essential!

A good router makes me happy! :)

If you haven’t get one, do check out ViewQwest’s latest promotion! Simply top up $199 to get the ASUS RT-AC88U router when you sign up for any 2 year ViewQwest Fiber Broadband plans.

ASUS RT-AC88U - it not only looks good, but performs great too
ASUS RT-AC88U – one of the best routers out there!

Existing ViewQwest subscribers are also entitled to enjoy the Valentine’s Day special promotions, including a ASUS RT-AC88U bundle deal!

With my fancy new router and setup, I’m definitely looking to spruce up my house too. New Year should come with a new home! I will be going to the Only Home 2016 roadshow next week to find out more ideas about giving my house a make-over, and to check out the amazing ViewQwest Fiber Broadband deals at the fair too!


Head on down to Toa Payoh HDB Hub Atrium event space, from 22 Feb to 24 Feb, 10am – 10pm, to find out more! :)

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