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Couch Potato’s vacay ideas!

Annnnd it’s the time of the year again to plan for a vacation! I can’t believe I am actually graduating in 2 weeks time! Makes me so excited to know I will be embarking on a brand new journey from here on. To reward myself, I am planning on a graduation trip!

Truth be told, I have no idea where and what I am going to do. I have a checklist of places I want to go, but all of them seem so tempting, I am definitely spoilt for choice. So I’ll need a little bit of help here; chose my vacation destination for me! I’ve narrowed down my list to just 3 destinations, and I will settle down with the one that has the highest vote. :3

1 Bali

Like the trip in early January wasn’t enough, I want to go back and bask myself in the glory of Mother Nature. Terrible traffic and securities aside, Bali is a haven of natural landscapes that are so spectacular, it will make you want to return twice.

Probably the main reason why I want to go back there so badly, hahaha!

Take a dive with beautiful coral reefs in the Bali ocean, and take exclusive selfies with exotic fauna like the barracuda! I missed that chance because that barracuda was so fast…. And partly because I was so shocked at its size that I was hyperventilating.

Or hop on an ATV and have the ride of your life!


2 Phuket

I’m also getting all hyped with Phuket’s water sports! I am either going to cruise on a jet ski at Phuket beach, or have a therapeutic time fishing off Phuket’s coast.

Next, I’ll probably head to the night markets along the streets that after all the water activities!

Next, I’m planning for a sumptuous dinner at the hotel before heading out to the beach for night walks and star gazing!

Sounds like some Khuntoria episode, hehehe.


3 Royal Carribean

Cruise away!! The last time I took a cruise was like almost 15 years ago….. ^^” It was the late Sun Cruise that no longer exist. Hahahaha, how long has it been?

I read up on Royal Caribbean cruises. Seems like I can take a dip and sun bath on the cruise with my friends and family! Sounds fantastic! With plenty of activities available on the cruise, the Royal Carribean is looking to be the choice for me!

By the way, The Yatch Show 2016 is coming! Over at Sentosa Cove, you can expect to not just see world-class yachts, but also check out an enviable range of prestige products and brands – supercars, fine dining, beautiful timepieces, hand-crafted jewellery and some of the region’s most luxurious waterside properties.


And guess what? ViewQwest is giving away tickets to the show! Just sign up for any 2-year ViewQwest bundle plan and get a FREE pair of tickets to Singapore Yacht Show 2016!

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