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Things you can do with the VQTV besides streaming

Did you know, besides streaming movies and dramas, the VQTV (ViewQwest TV) is also an awesome device which you can do a lot of cool stuff with? You can download any app off the PlayStore as long as it is designed for android tablet!

In today’s blog post, let me share with you  some of the cool stuff I always do with my VQTV!

1) Play the latest games!
No budget for a playstation or XBOX? The VQTV could be a good alternative! When I get really bored and have no mood for dramas or movies, I take a break and have a game or 2 or chess off my ViewQwest TV. This is probably one of the most mundane games ever, but it is really therapeutic when your mind gets too crowded with too many different storylines! (Hahaha)


Of course, that is not all! You can also download tons of great Games such as the Final Fantasy IV for Android and get addicted all over again!

Check out this awesome review here!

2) Presentation
Games aside, the VQTV also supports professional work. Get yourself the Google Drive package, and get started with work right away on the big screen.

I love the Google Drive. It’s so convenient, it has Sheet, Slides, Docs & it’s Drive allows you to upload and share files conveniently with your friends or team mates. You can even work on your files LIVE with your friends!
There are chat functions, and LIVE edit functions that can help meetings become a lesser of a hassle. Now you can stay at the comfort of your own home and attend your meetings in front the big Screen, yayyyy!

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 5.27.22 AM

You can even do a presentation through the Google Slides application on your VQTV! There are also many other applications similar to Google Drive for you to download too!

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 5.27.42 AM

All your work is saved online, no fret about crashes or unsaved files. Awesome isn’t it?? Now who says you can’t be productive when you are in front of the TV!

3) Surf the net

Last but not least, you can also surf the net with the VQTV. The only difference is, you get a much bigger screen! The VQTV (4K Version) Comes with 3 USB ports, once you attach you mouse and a keyboard, you are all set!

Surf away on Facebook or log onto the net to search for information for your next getaway. You no longer need to share a screen with your friend while looking up on hotels, or itineraries. Planning made easy with the VQTV and everything gets clearer with a bigger screen!


With such budding technology, you can do wonders on your TV these days. There are plenty of other stuff you can do on your VQTV box that are yet discovered. So don’t forget to check out the google Play Store during your free time and download away! If you feel like getting the VQTV, go on to the ViewQwest E-store and purchase it now!

The Couch Potato 101!

‘Descendants of the Sun’ episode 11 and 12 is up!! After a torturing week, new episodes are finally here. I’ve been catching up with so many other Song Joong Ki’s dramas and movie because I was having some serious JoongKi withdrawal symptoms /fangirl alert

I’ve been really lucky to be able to watch the latest episodes of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ through Some of you might ask, why did I chose this time?

Actually, I would alternate between Dramafever and Viki for my dramas depending on what dramas I am chasing after. If I want to watch an ongoing drama that is still in midst of airing, I will go for

Because updates LIVE. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 2.24.22 PM

‘Descendants of the Sun’ is so good, I cannot wait even a day to catch it. At, as long as you subscribe for a VikiPass, you get to watch the episodes right after it’s aired over at Korea! Due to licensing agreements, is not able to air the episode until 4 weeks later.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 2.23.51 PM

Vice versa, there are some dramas where gets the upper hand!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 5.22.28 PM

That aside, is also extremely nice to fangirls like me. They even have a All About Song Joong Ki collection, where you can backtrack all the dramas and variety shows he starred in! won’t be taking all the credits though. I hopped over to Dramafever and caught ‘The Werewolf Boy’ starring Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young. They have better quality videos over at Dramafever, in my opinion. xPwolf_boy-710x450

Unfortunately, you will need to have Freedom VPN in order to access all these contents.

Sign up for ViewQwest’s Freedom VPN to enjoy Viki and Dramafever without hassle! 

Anyway, I’ve become a full grown couch potato ever since I started hibernating at home. School work is finally ceasing, and submissions is in just 2 weeks time. I feel like I am extremely prepared to start my career as an official couch potato already, hahahahaha.


So Song Joong Ki fans, are you ready? Brace yourself for the weekend Song Joong Ki fever with, and get your gears ready! Here are 3 simple steps to the ultimate couch potato guide:

  • Get ready your favorite snacks and chips

Accompany it with a bottle or 2 salsa sauce, you are good to go. No need to leave your couch to grab food, no disturbance in between your shows!

  • 4 bottles of 1.5l water

Always hydrate yourself. You can go on without food, but not water. 4 bottles, so that you will get up for a toilet break after you are done with the 4! Not so unhealthy after all!

  • Blankets for your couch

Make it as cosy as possible, and warm yourself up. Isn’t it more comfortable with soft and cosy blankets around?

Okay, okay, I am just kidding. These are extremely unhealthy ways to enjoying your drama marathon! Always give your eyes a break after an episode or two, and head out for a proper meal before proceeding on with the next! Off to catch ‘Penny Pinchers’ now that I am done with 12 episodes of ‘Descendants of the Sun’.

Stay tuned next week! :D

TV Binging for the weekend!

Good Friday weekend!

Happy Good Friday! We are down with just 4 more long weekends to go for 2016, how time flies! Just yesterday, it was the 1st year death anniversary of our founding father, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. Also, to commemorate his contribution to the country, 7th August has also been marked as the official Lee Kuan Yew day, just 2 days away from National Day. Apart from National Day, here are the rest of the long weekends you can look forward to for 2016!

  • National Day: 6 Aug to 9 Aug (Saturday to Tuesday)
  • Labour Day: April 30 to May 2 (Saturday to Monday)
  • Hari Raya Haji: September 10 to 12 (Saturday to Monday)
  • Christmas Day: December 24 to 26 (Saturday to Monday)

That aside, how have everyone been spending their long weekends? With graduation just around the corner, Vitato me, had prepared a series of dramas I can catch up with during my holiday. It’s been a reeeeally long time since I last spent so much time at home! I’ve been so busy with final year project, the school is literally my house until I am done with all the submissions. The only thing that’s keeping me going is the holidays. I can’t wait for holidays!!

So here is a few channels you can tune in to for the upcoming long weekends to recuperate from your hectic schedule!

1 Movie Marathon with



Fully equipped with popular movies like the Hunger Games installments, you can expect an awesome movie night with your friends and family over the weekend!

2 Catch up with popular sitcoms and TV Series is your one-stop must visit website when it comes to catching up with popular TV series in the US. From the serious Walking Dead to our superhero iZombie, hulu has slowly made it’s way to my heart with all the shows they have to offer.




With that said, you can even find your all-time favorite korean dramas on hulu too!

3 Annyeong hasaeyo to

With ViewQwest’s Freedom VPN, you can access exclusive content on! Bath yourself in the romance between the charming Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo on Descendants of the Sun. This is one drama you should never miss. They are currently ranked first in Korea drama history, with the highest ratings ever!


But of course, without the Freedom VPN, these are what you will see……




Which kind of suck because this is what I see every time I am in school. Giving me zero chance to slack and catch up with my dramas, T_T

But that is also why I am so excited for holidays!

That’s not all though! The holidays will mean I have more me-time! I can finally work on the culinary skills I developed from watching a whole lot of food video on HAHAHA. I hope I don’t disappoint.

Well if you want to unleash the power of a TV/Movie marathon, do check out ViewQwest at! They are still running their IT Show 2016 promotion so this is a good chance to get blazing fast broadband and FreedomVPN for your TV watching needs:


Enjoy the long weekend everyone!