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Newly Improved ViewQwest TV 4K Now Works With Any ISP!

Good news movie junkie!

ViewQwest has announced the release of the new ViewQwest TV 4K!

The android based media player now allows you to stream stunning 4K/HD videos at the speed of lightning with its newly improved powerful Quad Core Cortex A9, 2.0GHz processing chip, Octo-Core GPU and increased memory ram. With a dedicated Octo-Core GPU and 3D graphics acceleration, the ViewQwest TV 4K is capable of streaming high definition videos up to full 4k resolution of (3840×2160) at 30fps!

That’s not all. With Android 4.4.2, you can customise ViewQwest TV the way you want it by choosing from thousands of applications in the Google Play store. There is now no limit to what you can do from the comfort of your couch. Facebook, mobile games and movies on your TV? It’s as easy as a breeze.

The ViewQwest TV 4K also comes with a user-friendly 2-in-1 remote control that encompasses a trackpad, so you don’t have to leave your seat to navigate your ViewQwest TV.

Here comes the BEST PART!

ViewQwest has also transferred its entire Freedom VPN Service into the ViewQwest TV 4K media player, so no matter which ISP you are subscribed to, you are now able to use ViewQwest Freedom VPN service to access geo-blocked sites like Netflix, Hulu Plus and DramaFever with your current ISP!

Non-ViewQwest subscribers can visit our e-store to purchase the ViewQwest TV 4K box. The media player comes with 12 months free Freedom VPN.

The 4K box will go on sale starting from next Thursday at COMEX.

Together with our booth babes, we will demonstrate 4K videos at our booth and bring you special offers for the ViewQwest TV4K box at the show.

Don’t forget to pop by ViewQwest booth at COMEX for more unbelievable deals!

Return of Friday the 13th.

Prepare your popcorns horror fanatics.

Following the release of “Supergirl“, CW President, Mark Pedowitz had confirmed that the CW is developing a drama series for our dear Jason Vorhees. The drama series, based on the long-running franchise of serial killer, Jason Vorhees, will be written by Steve Mitchell & Craig Van Sickle, creators of the 1996 NBC series, “The Pretenders”.


It was said that the Friday the 13th drama series will be done in a more “grounded reality”, continuing the on-going search for the detective’s missing brother that is somehow tied to the masked Jason who is long thought dead. But of course, the main attraction of Friday the 13th is about how Jason never fails to ressurect and return to Crystal Lake for a series of crazy killing.

I mean, haven’t you ever wondered what goes on in reality the same time when Jason is out there on a killing spree? How do the public react to what he is doing and do they even know Jason exist?


To be honest, I really hope the drama series will tell us more about how Jason never fails to come back from the dead. In the last few installment of the movie series, Jason revives magically without any said reason. What we do know is that during the first few movies, Jason came back the same way Frankie did. Remember how electrictity resurrected Frankenstein?

No confirmation on when the TV series will be released though, but we can definitely expect a job well done since it’s CW!


Friday the 13th is undoubtedly one of the most successful movie franchise in America. With 12 movies, and 13 novellas adapted till date, Friday the 13th will return to our big screen on the 13th of May, 2016.

Yes, they have once again, delayed the premiere date. Well, at least we know it is confirmed this time.

Being one of the most anticipated horror film of all time, people had been spectulating what is going to happen to Jason. Will Jason return to do the killing? Or will he possess an attractive teenager this time to wipe out the Crystal Lake once again?

Rumours and facts have come and go. Here are a few things that we can be sure to expect from the 13th film!

  • It will not have any connection with the previous few films. The 2016 franchise will be an entirely brand new reboot of Friday the 13th!
  • Jason Vorhees will be back.
  • Jason’s Mother, Mrs.Vorhees, will probably be in the film.
  • Jason’s signature weapon may be drastically improved.
  • The film is highly possible to be set in the 1980s.
  • The film will explain Jason Vorhees’ origins, including his immortality.

Now, now…. With that, aren’t you excited for the 13th film?! No official trailers have been released yet, but we can definitely expect the unexpected.

Meanwhile, let’s catch Freddy in action on Netflix on your ViewQwest TV now! Or you can check out some of my other favorite programmes of all time here!