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Back to School

Good bye holidays!

It’s time of the year again to welcome a brand new school semester. New semester means new projects and collaborations. I wouldn’t say I am extremely excited, but I am definitely looking forward to graduation because it’s the last term of my diploma studies! Yayyyyyy!

With that said, work load is increasing. I remember the last time my laptop braced itself for the new semester, it went into ICU for 2 weeks because the work load crashed my entire internal hard disk and graphic card! I had to go without a laptop for 2 weeks, and ended up delaying my work for 2 weeks! Everyone was close to submission, and I was just getting started by the time I got my Macbook back from repair. :(

So to prevent it from happening again this term, I am going to get myself a brand new working Macbook from EpiCenter! I mean why not since they are selling great products. I can also get myself a decent mouse so I no longer have to rely on the touchpad for editing! You know how every single pixel matters when it comes to design? Hahahaha.


And you know ViewQwest is have their Back to School special now right? Maybe that MacBook you wanted over the holidays can now be yours.

Not forgetting how research will be much more efficient for me now. I no longer need to wait for videos to buffer while looking for references. It can take me up to 1 week to finish researching on my projects in the past, because everything is so video heavy… But ever since I signed up with ViewQwest, it saved me much more time because it reserves zero space for buffer for my video references! But saving time, I’m talking about completing my research in just 1 day. You know how you are more productive when you don’t get interfered in between work? :P

Speaking of which, have you guys caught “我的少女時代” ? It swept the entire nation with the familiar tune of 小幸運!

AI have to admit, I am an avid fan of Hebe, ever since her S.H.E time! Especially during the period when she filmed 鬥牛要不要…. #omg


Catch “鬥牛要不要” on PPTV now if you haven’t!!! With my trusty Freedom VPN, I know I can access PPTV anytime easily. :D

Here’s the best part…


Hebe Tian is here to sweep Singapore off with her vocals!

ViewQwest is nowhosting a contest promo to let you win a pair tickets to Hebe Tian’s “IF” World Tour Concert this coming 5 March 2016!! Simply sign up or recontract for any 2 year ViewQwest Fiber Broadband, and tell us why you should win a pair of tickets to Hebe Tian’s “IF” World Tour Concert!

20 lucky ViewQwest customers will be chosen, contest ends on the 29th February 2016!


Also, not forgetting that is your last chance to enjoy ViewQwest’s New Year bundle on routers! Any sign-up for a 2-year ViewQwest fiber broadband plan gets you a free Netgear R6220 router that ensures you always get a smooth connection!

See you all next week!

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