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Date archive for: March 2016

10 things I love about the Internet!

Everyone you know what time of the year it is? It’s time to welcome the annual IT Show!!! I’m freaking excited. Because every time there’s an IT Show, different brands will release new models for their gadgets. Like new cameras, speakers, smart watches and the latest in VR gadgets. My favorite thing to do during the IT Show is to check out all the cool stuff first hand the moment they get released! In fact I’m really hyped to get my hand on the new HTC Vive headset!

Just in case, the details are : 10 to 13 March, at the Suntec City Convention Center Level 3 and 4 from 11 am until 9pm.

As usual, ViewQwest will be bringing out the big guns for a strong show! Don’t forget to pop by Suntec Singapore and check out what we have to offer this coming show!

That aside…. Graduation is on its way. So I am pretty much free right now as I start finishing up my final year projects. Thinking back, it’s been a while. Do you know what has helped me “survive” through school?

The internet of course! So to celebrate this long-running “friend”, i’ve compiled a list of top 10 things I love about the internet for me to look back on! Here goes:

1 Made messaging easier


With the internet, everyone is now just a Facebook message or Whatapps away. Remember when everyone was on IRC? Haha the good old days. Virtual chatrooms and messaging have now moved onto smartphone texting, which are way more convenient! I can’t imagine life without 24/7 texting on the go! Gasp!

2 Connects me with people all over the globe

Gone too are the days when you lose contact with friends when you move abroad or to another school. With the internet, connecting with long lost friends is just one click away!

I’m missing those Friendster days though… Who still remembers? XD

Now, with Skype and FaceTime in the picture, and using my uber-fast ViewQwest Fiber Broadband, I can easily see and talk to my friends all over the world with no blur or lag!

3 Amazing games to keep me entertained


From neopets to XBox, to VR games now, most games requires WiFi now! Without the internet, gaming experience will never evolve. And we will be stuck with having only single player games. :(

ViewQwest Fiber + Call of Duty is a match made in heaven!

4 Plenty of shows and dramas to keep me occupied when I am just feeling lazyyy


Did I not make myself clear already? What is life without dramas!! I remember how I used to cry because I missed an episode of Pokemon when I was around 10 years old.

Streaming shows online is the best decision made ever, thank you DramaFever for existing…… XD and ViewQwest for making sure I don’t need to wait for the grey bar to catch up, teehee.

5 Online Shopping!


Self-explantory! I can buy almost anything from anywhere! Convenience much.

6 Online diary


Remember how we used to own journals back in primary/secondary school days? It gets so frustrating if your handwriting is terrible and you are really bad with spellings. One other reason I love the internet is because I get to note down my daily life on my blog, to help me reminisce on the good times when the time comes! It is so much easier to type than to write, hahaha! Furthermore, you get free spellchecks, how awesome is that!

7 A free encyclopediagoogle

It’s true when people say “Google is men’s best friend.” Whenever I am curious about anything, I will google search it and get my answers within seconds! If people ever tell you too much internet makes you retarded, tell them, it makes you more knowledgable.

8 A free super-dictionary and translator


Like how the internet is an encyclopedia, it is also a all-in-one dictionary and translator. Easy access to every single word you always want to know the meaning of. Remember when we had to bring those heavy Oxford or Cambridge dictionaries to school? Bleaugh!

With, I can upgrade my vocabulary with 10 words everyday! See, becoming knowledgable, no? ;)

9 I learn new things everyday!

Looking pretty yummy

Also, because there is so much things to learn on the internet, I get to learn skills just by reading self-help guides or watching videos. For example, I can easily find out how to do all those fancy photoshop filters, or to whip up a restaurant grade 3-course meal via Food Network on ViewQwest TV!

10 I get to be superhuman


Like how fast the internet have become… From dial ups, to fiber broadbands, things have changed from a mere 5mbps to what we currently have right now, 2Gbps internet!

Like how my internet travels at the speed of light, I too, have became a superhuman. Being able to provide information to my clients and group mates efficiently, and gaining knowledge with just a few taps away have made me grow a lot in experience with work. To be honest, I can’t imagine how it will be like without my high speed fibernet anymore. I will have to go back to the days where my 1gb file takes 2 hours to upload……..

Gah, I don’t even want to think about it.

Anyway, see you guys at the upcoming IT Show (10 to 13 March, at the Suntec City Convention Center Level 3 and 4)! Be sure to drop by ViewQwest’s booth, because we have plenty of surprises in for all of you! Don’t forget to KIV the 10th of March 2016 because all good things comes in 10s! Don’t miss it! :D