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Date archive for: December 2015

Force awakens.

Star War hype is building due to the slated “The Force Awakens”! In just a few days time, the seventh Star Wars installment will hit town! With the last film dated almost 10 years ago, I am sure many people are looking forward to the next Star Wars film. Especially with the evolution of films and 3D graphics, many people will be expecting really cool and kickass visual effects for the upcoming Star Wars installment!

Not sure about you guys, but I always have this habit to catch-up on the previous few films again before watching the latest release. So that I can refresh my mind with the story again and get myself into the geek mode for movie marathon. Hehehe.

For that, I managed to find the Star Wars franchise on my ViewQwest TV for rewatching!

For ViewQwest subscribers, simply head over to the Play Store on your ViewQwest TV, and search NOW TV·




Upon installation, hop over to the application and search for “Star Wars”, and all 6 films will appear!




Of course I would love to spend my weekend at home, have a movie marathon and finish up the entire franchise… But I still have so much work to do despite it being holidays, so you guys enjoy it on my behalf hahaha. I’ll split my marathon into 3 when I’m free :P

That aside, there are also many other exciting movies up on Netflix (Freedom VPN rocks!) right now since it’s Christmas season. Because Christmas is all about gathering and spending time with your family, there are plenty of films up on Netflix for you to watch when you have your friends and family over!




One of my favorite is “Jumanji”. I swear Jumanji is soooooo good. It’s been over 20 years and it is still my favorite film till date!




And then catch up with good old times with “Daddy Day Care”. You know Eddie Murphy was the total IN thing back in those days?! All the kids love his shows!


Everyone knows this scene! :D


Or go on an adventure with Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible”. A quick fun fact, did you know Tom Cruise does all the stunts in the movie on his own without any stunt actors to help him? To make the film more interesting and realistic, Tom Cruise does all the stunts himself!

 photo A3 Flyer r1-2_zpsyzatefb8.jpg

 photo A3 Flyer r1-22_zpslbo2v03i.jpg

Sign up for the 1Gbps @ $42/mth or 2Gbps @ $58/mth promotion and get a Free ViewQwest 4K Media Player to watch all these movies with your family and friends! Promo ends on 13 December so hurry!

That’s not all, ViewQwest is also giving a FREE 2-year fiber broadband service to 1 lucky winner, check out our facebook page to find out how!

Have fun this holiday season and stay tuned for our Christmas promo next week!

Christmas came early with ViewQwest!

Christmas, christmas time is here~ Time for joy and time for cheerrrrs~

SITEX was a blast! The exhibition booth was so crowded and full of buzz that I could barely sit still! But of course, I did not let the crowd stop me from shopping for Christmas presents! It was undoubtedly a fulfilling trip hahaha.

That aside, I also managed to finish up my mid-year submissions! Video editing can be a pain sometimes. Though tiring, doing what I love makes me really happy! I managed to submit my videos within minutes pretty much thanks to my 1Gbps fibernet with ViewQwest.

Well, Vimeo only allows 500mb upload per week if you are just a basic user, so I pretty much spent less than 10 seconds uploading my files for submission nowadays! I also get to avoid upload errors and file corruption due to the long uploads.

Now that I think of it, how is it even possible for me to take up to 20 minutes uploading just 500mb files in the past?? /facepalm

The best part? My new desktop came in a few days back, now I can cut my laptop some slack and use it for only leisure purposes and light work from now on! Told you there’s no stopping from Christmas shopping, hahahaha!

Here are a couple of my work that you can check out!

零 – ZERO Trailer from Vivian Tian on Vimeo.

I had so much trouble filming this because one of my stunt rider got into an accident during the group shot, :( He is okay now, but it was still really really dangerous.

A Grey Transcendence from Vivian Tian on Vimeo.

And then I had so much fun filming this!! Took me 2 whole days from building the structure to editing the video for the project mapping. Definitely something I would do again… Because light designing is so much fun!

Speaking of which…. You know Christmas season is all about beautiful lights right? Have you seen how beautiful the lightings along Orchard Road are? 8D
Of course ViewQwest is not gonna be left out in this…. Both showrooms at Upper Bukit Timah and Suntec City are equipped with Christmas tree wrapped with beautiful lighting!!

And because Christmas is all about giving, ViewQwest has a special Christmas contest lined up for everyone out there, so keep a look out for details in my next post!

That is not all.

In the spirit of the giving season, ViewQwest has extended their SITEX offer to 13th December! So don’t worry if you didn’t get to SITEX,  you can still sign up for these unbeatable fiber broadband deals online and at our Suntec City flagship store if you missed it at the SITEX show!

 photo A3 Flyer r1-2_zpsyzatefb8.jpg

 photo A3 Flyer r1-22_zpslbo2v03i.jpg

So come join in spreading the Christmas cheer by heading down to our Suntec City flagship store, at 3 Temasek Boulevard #02-414/415, soon! Note that opening hours are from 10am to 10pm.