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Date archive for: September 2015

My first ViewQwest experience!

I remembered when I first got ViewQwest, I was clueless about how broadband worked and I was afraid there might be complications from having 2 ISPs clashing in one apartment.

So when the ViewQwest technician came, I made sure to ask a ton of questions so that nothing went wrong.

The technician came to my place twice. The first time to check if I have a second working port on the fiber termination point, and then the second time to install ViewQwest Fibernet in my house. That was before I became the official couch potato for ViewQwest.

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At that point of time, I have to admit I was a total calamari. I have no idea what exactly he was doing and I had asked plenty of questions which I feel extremely stupid about now that I recall. XD

As the technician started to install Fibernet, I was asking nervously if 2 ISPs could work together to allay my fears. To my relief, he told me 2 IPS are perfectly fine. Furthermore, I was also told that the router should be placed at a location that isn’t blocked by anything and has perfect signals to all of my devices. These are a bunch of things that I didn’t understand before I joined the ViewQwest family, and I am really grateful for the technician’s patience in explaining – what knowledgeable and nice people!

After the entire set-up of Fibernet is done, he went ahead to install the ViewQwest TV!

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The friendly ViewQwest technician – thank you!

The technician set-up an “Account” for my house’s IP, and got me to enter my own password. I was soooooo excited because I’ve never seen an android box  before! After the technician is done setting up the whole thing, he taught me how to use the ViewQwest TV, and showed me through some of the free applications! That was when I first felt the wrath of 1Gbps Fibernet. maps vietnam That zero buffer time, and smooth loading of videos was just insane! I loaded my webpage in less than 1 second, unlike before where I had to wait to see the buffer bar loading before my page appears!

He also told me his wife really enjoys the ViewQwest TV! With zero lags, and exclusive geo-blocked sites available, who wouldn’t love the ViewQwest TV? I no longer have to wait for uploads on YouTube to catch my latest dramas, and I even get to watch dramas and TV series first hand on DramaFever and Netflix! I was so excited, I spent the next few days camping on my ViewQwest TV!

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Can’t wait to start watching ViewQwest TV! :)

Whole process of installation took around 30 minutes, and I would like say this again, but the technician was really really patient and friendly! I am so glad these technically savvy people are always happy to answer any questions!

Trust me, I know every new subscribers to ViewQwest will get equal awesome service like I did. Surf away people!!!

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All done and ready to surf!

Netflix and Chill!

Amidst all the hype over the weekend surrounding the General Elections, there is one exciting piece of news — Netflix is finally coming to Singapore!


While I was waiting for my Nutella brownies to be ready in the oven, I was happily using my Freedom VPN for a catch up on “Twenty Again”, a new Korean drama that follows a housewife facing a divorce, back to the college. There she was trying really hard to stop her husband from divorcing her by trying to improve herself, but as she was trying, she realized she is worth so much more.

Exciting right?!! Best part of the drama is that it is A*Pink Naeun’s first debut drama. She is pretty amazing for a starter to be honest.

I know, I know…… How do I get to see all these exciting international shows which are geo-restricted? Well, that’s because I’m using ViewQwest fiber broadband that comes with Freedom VPN and this allows me to enjoy a weekly affair with Peter Griffin, or a cup of Vodka with Daryl Nixon. Did you hear?! Walking Dead season 7 will hit the screens in October!!

Hell yeah, who doesn’t love Walking Dead?

With the above mentioned, I believe many of you are excited with Netflix hitting our beautiful homeland. Though it doesn’t really help knowing our strict local media guidelines will affect the type of content available here. Well, I’m glad to be able to watch original content from not only Netflix, but also Korean dramas using Freedom VPN!

However, the ultimate benefit of signing up for ViewQwest is not just about its Freedom VPN. Of course it is one of the best perks. But how can we forget about smooth surfing and zero buffer time? Sure, we can always watch videos on YouTube, not a problem… But exclusive dramas are after all exclusive.

Freedom VPN does not only open up access to Netflix, they too have Hulu, Dramafever, PPTV, Crunchyroll and many more!! With the ViewQwest TV, I am able to catch up with my favorite dramas and also watch exclusive contents on geo-blocked sites.

After all, nothing beats an enjoyable weekend with some warm Nutella Brownies and a glass of milk accompanied by the latest episode of Twenty Again.

ViewQwest @ One Community Walk

It was a fun and enjoyable weekend at the Choa Chu Kang Community Club last Sunday, where the One Community Walk was held. The event was sponsored by ViewQwest as part of our CSR initiative. After all, we believe in supporting the local community! The ViewQwest team got up really early that morning and even brought along the exclusive ViewQwest Can–am Spyder bike to the One Community Walk!

Photo 31-8-15 3 22 35 pm

Photo 31-8-15 3 23 09 pm (2)

We were also joined by the guest of honor, Minister for Health and Member of Parliament, Mr Gan Kim Yong, as well as the CEO of ViewQwest, Vignesa Moorthy, who waved off the morning walk!

Photo 31-8-15 3 23 10 pm (1)

There was also a photobooth for residents to have a picture with the Can–am Spyder! You’ll be surprised how popular the Spyder is, hehe.

Photo 31-8-15 3 23 16 pm

Photo 31-8-15 3 23 15 pm

Photo 31-8-15 3 23 14 pm

Photo 8-9-15 1 02 36 pm

Photo 8-9-15 1 02 36 pm (1)

Besides the walk, another highlight of the morning was the ultimate Zumba demonstration! It brought the entire crowd into the Zumba land~

Photo 31-8-15 3 23 14 pm (2)

ViewQwest is proud to be one of the sponsors for this event!

Photo 31-8-15 3 23 41 pm

Not forgetting a short Q&A with ViewQwest CEO, Vignesa Moorthy.

“People always say sponsorship is a two-way deal. How do you see it for ViewQwest?”

Into its sixth instalment this year, One Community Walk engages residents of all ages, races and estates across local constituencies. It also brings together the entire family, fostering deeper interactions and relationships in the community.

For a local company like ViewQwest, local consumers have been the key contributors to our success. It is therefore important for us to give back to the wider community. Through our partnership and presence at the event, we hope that Singaporeans will have a greater awareness and understanding of ViewQwest as a business and the values we stand for.

“One Community Walk (OCW) is a community event organised by the community for the community. How does ViewQwest see itself as a partner of the OCW fitting into the organisation’s overall business strategy? What do you hope to achieve from this partnership?”

It’s been said that “a closely-knit family is one of the fundamental building blocks of a strong society.” Through the comprehensive home entertainment services we provide to households across Singapore, we hope to similarly create an environment where family members can spend more quality time together, forging strong and long-lasting connections. 

The Internet has enabled us to consume content wherever and whenever we deem fit, keep up with the daily happenings of our friends through social media, and keep in close contact with our loved ones overseas. But having said that, it is also important to take some time off to reconnect with ourselves and the people in our immediate surroundings. We believe in that as well. Through our partnership with One Community Walk, we would like to promote that healthy balance.

Thank you so much for joining us at the One Community Walk,  we hoped you enjoyed yourself!