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Date archive for: July 2015

Top 5 CEE 2015 Highlights

Despite the pouring rain(Why does it always rain when there are shows like these?), I popped by CEE 2015 this afternoon in attempt to look for the highly raved Air-Fryer!! But I was super sad to find out they only have 30 sets per day, selling at just S$68. T_T ……

It’s okay… I managed to hit up some other interesting offers and stuff though! It is always fun to visit Electronics Fair, they always have really interesting stuff!

#1 iPhone 5 @ $388 only!

How can I miss this?!
The first thing I heard the moment I stepped into the Electronics Fair was the S$388 sale!! They have a booth that sells gadgets at a really affordable price! Like iPhone 5 @ only S$388, iPad Air @ S$449…. This booth has undoubtedly the best offers available!

#2 Roaster

What can be more tempting than a roasted chicken right in front of you? I was attracted by the smell enough to be hunting for what’s cooking. Hahahahahaha.

I was quite surprised to see a whole chicken roasting right there. Spinning and spinning, and then it’s done! It’s super cool lah! 8D

They were even roasting fish there!

To be honest is it actually pretty amusing to see food related stuff at an Electronics Fair! Roaster works too, I guess?

#3 Sealer Stick

Found this household essential right next to the Roaster! Yet again, I was pretty amused by these because it is not something you’d find at an Electronics Fair.

Time to forgo these clippers, and get the sealer stick! I like that it seals all the way really tightly, preventing ants and all from getting in. My clipper tends to have slight gaps here and there when I seal up my chips, unless I fold it carefully which is quite a chore to do. The sealer stick comes in 4 sizes, so you can use it for different type of packaging!

#4 eScooter, eBike

From heelys to wheelys, eScooter and eBikes are one of the most sought personal transport these days. So many of my friends had hopped onto the bandwagon and got their own eScooter, it makes me want to get one so badly too!

But I guess it’s okay, I am extremely close to getting my driving license in a month’s time, hehehehehehe.

#5 ViewQwest & Sonos

To celebrate the Nation’s 50th birthday, ViewQwest has whipped up two new promotions exclusively for their customers!

Get 2 months subscription free when you sign up at ViewQwest’s CEE 2015 booth!


From now till 9 August, with every sign-up of the 1Gbps, and 2Gbps fibernet plans, you get to bring home the Sonos Playbar, or the Sonos Play: 1 (Black/White) at a special price starting from $65/month!


The Sonos Playbar originally cost S$1299, but you can save up to $500++ when you sign up the Sonos Playbar plan with ViewQwest now!

Sonos Play: 1

Sonos Playbar
The monochrome Sonos Playbar suits all sorts of setting. You can place it right below your TV in your living room for some really kickass sound system!

Head on down to the CEE 2015 @ Singapore Expo Hall 5 from now till Sunday! You wouldn’t want to miss these amazing offers, :D